Subject Details



Science is all about discovery. The subject itself is filled with lots of useful information and data that can help students better understand how the world works. As amazing as the subject matter is, we believe that an effective approach to teaching Science also has to have another matter for consideration. Our Science Curriculum for years 7-10 places equal import on both the subject matter and the learner himself/herself. We believe that to truly excel in Science, and to be able to develop a life-long and relevant aptitude and appreciation for it, our classes have to help cultivate in him/her the proper attitude and disposition. We base our science learning on motivating our learners so they can become deeply inquisitive and curious, attributes that will suit them well for continued learning in Science as well as in other subject areas. By inculcating in them this positive mind set, the students can better develop the relevant critical and creative thinking skills that they can then use in studying a variety of scientific problems. In our Science Programme, we also challenge the students to always think of the bigger picture: how science concepts and experiments do not exist in a vacuum but in relation to a much bigger whole. This “systems thinking” approach helps them to be able to analyse each individual part of every lesson as well as being able to link them all together and comprehend how they synthesise. Our Science programme revolves around the following learning areas:
  • Physical Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Teaching Methodology

To be able to reach our programme goals, our tutors use a number of creative and unorthodox ways for teaching Science and making it new and exciting for the students. We don’t believe that emphasis on rote memorisation does the subject (and the learner) justice. We inject a healthy amount of fun in each class in order to awaken each student’s dormant instinct for science. Through examples, experiments, case studies, and other methods, we hope to get our learners to excel in and appreciate the wonders of Science for themselves.



BSc. Computer Science (City University Hong Kong) Danyar graduated from American School Kazakhstan with a GPA of 3.9. He achieved perfect scores on his Sat Math, AP Calculus and AP Physics and straight A’s in his Chemistry classes. He also obtained a 100% government funded scholarship program towards his degree in Computer Science.