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French is one of the world’s foremost languages in terms of number of speakers, both native speakers and students in the language, as well as influence. Our French Tutorial Programme for years 11-13 is primarily aimed at honing their language development until they attain mastery of French in all its forms. We expose the learners to a variety of French-language media; getting them comfortable in the language allows them to become even more enthusiastic in progressing even deeper in their learning. Aside from this, the programme also introduces a structured approach to further honing their skills in French. One of the ways this is done is through the use of French literature and other written text. Students are expected to be able to understand the text used both in the literal and figurative sense, as well as glean the author’s intentions. Students are also given written exercises to practise their ability to use French in expressing their thoughts. Students are also tasked with writing different kinds of essays for various audiences. Careful emphasis will also be put on French used in the business setting, which we believe is relevant to how the students would probably use the language later on in life. Our French programme for years 11-13 covers the following areas:
  • Advanced speaking skills
  • Advanced listening skills
  • Advanced reading skills
  • Advanced writing skills
  • Analysis of written text
  • Exposure to the French language in various media

Teaching Methodology

Our programme continues to use the natural, conversational approach that was emphasised in previous years. The tutor introduces an even wider array of situations for dialogue practise, debates, etc. Our qualified French tutors use audio-visual material to expose their students to the language in a number of different formats. Traditional teaching methodologies such as drills and exercises are also used in order reinforce their learning.