About Us


Aunty Lavina is a name commonly echoed in various parts of Hong Kong, whether it be amongst the parents at a Christmas lunch or in the staff room of an ESF school, or at the bus stop with children discussing whether they have finished their homework for “Lavina Math”. Who is she?

Aunty Lavina graduated with a Bachelors in Maths from Delhi University and moved to Hong Kong after marriage. She started tutoring as a means to earn a little more money on the side. Little did she know teaching from a living room of a 2 bedroom house could one day make her the founder of ALEC (Aunty Lavina Education Centre).

As her passion for Maths became pervasive amongst the Hong Kong-ers she became more thorough with the syllabi of Maths in all the different International and local schools. She’s taught students from over 50 different schools in Hong Kong over the past 20 years of her career.

Her relationship with each student never just stopped at Maths, it was always about their overall education and their future ambitions. With that intention in mind, she created a platform, Aunty Lavina Education Centre, to extend that relationship from being a mere teacher towards providing students the teachers who will care about the child’s holistic development to obtain their career goals.


We empower students to become the thinkers of tomorrow

Aunty Lavina Education Centre (ALEC) is an education platform which encourages growth, eliminates weaknesses and provides holistic development for all students. We strive to make learning fun. We encourage Studying in groups to create a learning environment that’s less rigid and more interactive.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide students with a teacher that best suits them. Every child has a different personality and having a good teacher student relationship is the foundation to effective learning.

We work towards inspiring students to discover their passion and guide them to attain their goals.


ALEC has grown tremendously over the years. It now has a team of over 20 committed tutors that specialize in a wide range of subject areas suited for varying studentneeds; a far cry from Aunty Lavina’s 2 bedroom house when everything first started. In spite of this, ALEC still maintains a consistent approach to all its tutoring services,regardless of subject, grade level, or teacher.

ALEC’s teaching philosophy can be summed up in 3 things: Encouraging Growth, Eliminating Weaknesses, and Providing Holistic Development. These 3 principles arethe cornerstone of an ALEC education, and our commitment to and belief in these principles set us apart from all other tutorial centres. By faithfully adhering to these,ALEC believes that we are giving our students the best possible chance to succeed

Encouraging Growth

We believe wholeheartedly that tutoring is not a mere stop-gap measure that addresses deficiencies and plugs holes in student learning and leaves it at that. We go the extra mile and see to it that our students improve in many other facets of their academic lives.

We are in the business of making students BETTER, full stop. In all our subject areas, we promote this principle by having a complete curriculum per subject that not only focuses on specific problem areas but gives a thorough education and aligns with the regular school curriculum.

Elimination Weaknesses

We believe that to make students BETTER we have to help them overcome their specific academic limitations. But even more than that, we also have the responsibility to get students to become more confident and to believe that they have what it takes to do better.

Usually struggles in a particular concept or lesson are mere symptoms of an even bigger problem: lack of belief in one’s abilities. We have tutors that help address this by providing a safe, no-judgment environment and by making students active participants in their learning (and not just passive recipients).

Holistic Development

And finally, we believe that tutoring is not just about creating better Maths students, Science students, or English students. Being good in Maths, Science and English all require a basic set of skills, that when put to use, makes students thrive better in an academic setting. We aim to cultivate these interdisciplinary skills and habits so students can excel in all fields and not just the area they enrolled in.


I enrolled my two children for preparing IB & IGCSE in ALEC.
Tutors are truly outstanding and reliable. They are very supportive and well know about student’s requirements. Especially their effective learning & revising programs are quite helpful to assist with school assignment. Even more my children learn good study skills and what to do.
They got lots of progress and built more confidence in their subjects.
Appreciate ALEC for providing guidance and taking valuable time for the teaching lessons.

Parent of Samuel and Daniel

I know just say thank you is not enough… but I don’t know any other words to express that how muc i want to thank you 。Million thanks for your hard working, without your help, Ethan couldn’t switch to AA class. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

Parent of Ethan

Hi Lavina – I can’t express enough appreciation 💕to you for your time, patience and dedication to tutoring Jasmine in Maths for all those years since Year 11. I’m sure she has already informed you her A-Level results with all four straight A*s including Maths. I am blessed that Jasmine is ready for her next life chapter – to pursue her dreamed STEM based university at Imperial College in 🇬🇧.

Parent of Jasmine

Starting Maths at Year 7, I was nervous and scared of what to expect from starting Middle School. All these new concepts in Maths from algebra to graphs, much different from the long division and repetitive concepts of Primary School and Kumon. However, going to ALEC and being tutored by Aunty Lavina has greatly helped and improved my confidence in the field of maths and is largely the reason I was able to achieve high in the subject throughout KGV.


Aunty Lavina really helped me where classroom lessons couldn’t. Math is a subject that I have always struggled with and the rapid pace of learning in the classroom made understanding certain concepts arduous. Receiving one on one attention from a tutor who would delineate the steps of difficult problems in a straightforward manner really helped me understand the mechanics of what I was trying to learn. Aunty Lavina also helped me work towards realistic goals and pushed me towards trying harder in math while giving me invaluable support at the same time.

At ALEC, I also learned Chinese from my tutor Anita, whose efforts helped to guide me through the onerous task of learning a new language. Her guidance was vital to helping me excel in Chinese.

Natalie Kainz

I have been going to lessons in ALEC since the summer before Year 11, and it has helped me improve on my subjects tremendously throughout my IGCSEs and A-Levels. I have done various subjects with different teachers in ALEC, and all of them have been very patient and guided me through areas I needed improvement in. The primary subject I have done in ALEC is Maths with Aunty Lavina herself! She has provided me with many resources to aid my studies, answered all of my uncertainties in Maths and ensured I understand each topic thoroughly. I cannot thank ALEC enough for helping me through both of my public examinations, which allowed me to get into my top choice university at Imperial College London! I would recommend ALEC to anyone who is struggling at a particular subject, or needs a push in the right direction to get their desired grades. Thank you ALEC for everything!


Attending Aunty Lavina’s Math classes have significantly improved my maths, her commitment to my education and never ending resourses ranging from hand picked questions to years of past papers have aided me to achieve my highest potential. In addition to her outstanding teaching, Aunty has been a mentor and has guided me with her insight and patience. (Predicted 45/45 IB)


I began going to ALEC about 2-3 years ago. From the beginning, I realised that doing weekly math classes with Aunty Lavina helped me do better at school. It was a great help to be able to have extra support and going to ALEC helped me to improve my grades. After this great experience, I decided to start chinese and science tutoring at ALEC as well. Not only were the teachers extremely nice, but they were very educated in my curriculum and taught me exactly what I need to know. With the help of ALEC, I was able to get IGCSE scores that I am very proud of. I recommend ALEC to all students as it is an amazing environment to further your knowledge and improve your grades! – Annika Park

Annika Park

Since I started ALEC, I felt very comfortable with the teaching environment. I have been encouraged and supported and pushed when I needed it. I found it especially helpful at times when I didn’t really understand something in class at school, but my ALEC tutor spent the time to explain it so that I won’t forget. I was so very happy with my A* GCSE result and I would like to thank Aunty Lavina and ALEC for all they have done.


For my GCSEs, I received all A*s with one A. Mandarin used to be one of my weakest subjects and I was averaging a B but after tutoring at ALEC, my grades dramatically improved and I was a borderline A* at the end of the two years. Furthermore, additional maths is a very challenging curriculum with up to 60% of the Maths IB syllabus touched upon. Getting an A* in additional maths seems to be an impossible goal to many but with the help of ALEC and hard work, I am living proof that even the most far-flung of dreams can become reality.

Ryan Orr

When I was student I used to come to Aunty for Maths and she has instilled such a solid foundation and understanding that I can never forget it. She’s very knowledgeable and the undoubtedly the best in the business. She would always challenge me to better and now working at ALEC has helped me realise my passion for teaching in a very encouraging and supportive environment. It has been such a delight to work alongside Aunty.