Focused one-on-one

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring offers a whole new learning experience for students. When effectively done, it can help reinforce and supplement lessons learned in the classroom through regular, one-to-one interaction between tutor and student. This is a totally different dynamic from classroom teaching and can potentially lead to improvements in academic performance.

Put simply, private tutoring is when a tutor teaches a specific subject or skill to only one student at a time. This method of teaching is proven to allow for quicker knowledge retention and skills development than your typical classroom setting.

What are the advantages of Private Tutoring?

In a regular classroom, the teacher oftentimes struggles with giving all their students the attention they both need and deserve. This gives rise to a number of challenges: how to pace instruction, how to account for differences in each student’s progress, as well as difficulties/distractions that obstruct learning due to poor classroom management. In contrast, since it’s easier for tutors to tailor-fit their course of instruction for just 1 student, it’s much easier for students to learn comfortably at their own pace. Tutors are also able to identify where the student’s strengths and weaknesses lie and customize his teaching methodology around these.

Who is Private Tutoring for?

Private tutoring is ideal for students who are experiencing some academic difficulties. There are many students out there who don’t perform well in the classroom due to lack of self-esteem, or because they get distracted by their peers. The private tutoring environment makes it easier for these students to express themselves and build their confidence without fear of judgment or ridicule. Academic performers who wish to fine-tune their potential even further also find private tutoring a big help.