What Our Students Say


My Maths Tutor Mrs Lavina Moorjani, has helped me tremendously form the beginning of high school. She recognised my strengths and weaknesses and worked towards improvement to achieve my goals. As well as being a determined teacher she was also a mentor as she gave me correct advice. Aunty Lavina has always been very encouraging, patient and motivational.

ALEC is a great education centre, as the teachers are remarkably determined establishing and maintaining a supportive environment, encouraging and motivating students to achieve their best potential. As well as having an enthusiastic environment ALEC is also a great place to meet new people and learn as a group.

Radhika Modi

Going to Aunty Lavina’s Math classes complimented what I was taught in school. In her tutorial center, I had access to numerous resources, such as textbooks and past papers, all which aided my understanding of several mathematics topics. Additionally, having Aunty there to guide me if I was stuck on a question and point me in the right direction was one of the main reasons why I continued to go to this center.

The other subjects being taught at the center, such as English, were equally beneficial to me. It was clear that all the teachers share the common goal of doing what’s best for the students.

Jai Kirpalani