Starting Maths at Year 7, I was nervous and scared of what to expect from starting Middle School. All these new concepts in Maths from algebra to graphs, much different from the long division and repetitive concepts of Primary School and Kumon. Howev


Aunty Lavina really helped me where classroom lessons couldn’t. Math is a subject that I have always struggled with and the rapid pace of learning in the classroom made understanding certain concepts arduous. Receiving one on one attention from a tut

Natalie Kainz

I have been going to lessons in ALEC since the summer before Year 11, and it has helped me improve on my subjects tremendously throughout my IGCSEs and A-Levels. I have done various subjects with different teachers in ALEC, and all of them have been


Attending Aunty Lavina's Math classes have significantly improved my maths, her commitment to my education and never ending resourses ranging from hand picked questions to years of past papers have aided me to achieve my highest potential. In additi


I began going to ALEC about 2-3 years ago. From the beginning, I realised that doing weekly math classes with Aunty Lavina helped me do better at school. It was a great help to be able to have extra support and going to ALEC helped me to improve my g

Annika Park

Since I started ALEC, I felt very comfortable with the teaching environment. I have been encouraged and supported and pushed when I needed it. I found it especially helpful at times when I didn’t really understand something in class at school


For my GCSEs, I received all A*s with one A. Mandarin used to be one of my weakest subjects and I was averaging a B but after tutoring at ALEC, my grades dramatically improved and I was a borderline A* at the end of the two years.

Ryan Orr

I enrolled my two children for preparing IB & IGCSE in ALEC. Tutors are truly outstanding and reliable. They are very supportive and well know about student’s requirements. Especially their effective learning & revising programs are quite helpful t

Parent of Samuel and Daniel

I know just say thank you is not enough… but I don't know any other words to express that how muc i want to thank you 。Million thanks for your hard working, without your help, Ethan couldn't switch to AA class. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

Parent of Ethan

Hi Lavina - I can’t express enough appreciation 💕to you for your time, patience and dedication to tutoring Jasmine in Maths for all those years since Year 11. I’m sure she has already informed you her A-Level results with all four straight A*s inclu

Parent of Jasmine

When I was student I used to come to Aunty for Maths and she has instilled such a solid foundation and understanding that I can never forget it. She’s very knowledgeable and the undoubtedly the best in the business. She would always challenge me to b