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With our English Tutorial Programme for Years 11-13, students are challenged to go even further in their mastery of the English language. Aside from honing the leaners’ skills in English communication, the programme also aims to develop students’ critical thought in how they use the language. This includes being able to thoroughly read and analyse a variety of texts that encompass multiple genres. Through their examination of the written word, and by building on their reading comprehension skills, students are able to gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the specific nuances of the language and how it is being used for different audiences and for diverse purposes. Our English programme also provides ample opportunity for the students to practise their writing. The programme helps students to be able to write clearly, creatively and with a precise use of the language that suits their particular writing styles and who they’re writing for. They can learn how to effectively command the language for use in describing, persuading, and narrating. Emphasis is also given on writing for research and academic purposes. Our English Tutorial Programme for Years 11-13 encompasses the following:

  • Analysis of various works of literature and other texts
  • Activities for improving literary criticism and reading comprehension
  • Writing activities

Teaching Methodology

We aim to provide a tutorial programme that closely reflects the students’ own English classes, so as to make it relevant to their academic performance in school. We aim to provide an environment that effectively challenges them to do better. Our tutors bring out the students’ potential in the language through examination of assigned texts (as well as in-house texts), literary criticism, discussions among the group, and writing activities (reaction papers, reflection papers, research writing, etc.). The tutors also provide quick feedback so students are aware of where their strengths and weaknesses lie.



MBA Marketing and Sustainability (Business School Lausanne, Switzerland) B. Commerce Banking and Insurance (Jai Hind College, India) Mr. Rhuteyu has been teaching English, Economics and Business Studies at IGCSE and IB Level for over 2 years. Throughout this period, he has assisted over 50 students to outperform their own expectations and see considerable improvements in their attained grades at school. Furthermore, as a former student in the IB programme, he has a deep understanding of the challenges from a student’s perspective, as well as the adjustment and mental makeup that students require to perform exceptionally well at the Diploma level. Other areas of experience include helping students with the IELTS assessment, having himself scored 9/9 on most sections of the assessment.


LLB Law (University of Hong Kong) Suhail graduated in 2013 with a perfect IB score of 45 and was Auntie Lavina's mathematics student. Suhail also took economics courses during his LLB studies at the University of Hong Kong, a degree which he attended on a full HKSAR Government Scholarship. He has won numerous scholarships and awards during his studies and also achieved the top mark in his International Economic Law course at the Melbourne Law School, an institution from which he graduated with a Master's degree in international law with First Class Honours.


BA International Relations and Spanish (University of Exeter) Ms. Sheriza has been teaching English, Spanish and History at the IGCSE, IB and A-level for over 10 years in both Hong Kong and Spain. She has experience working in international schools in Hong Kong and currently works with high school students at Kellet School in Kowloon. She has also studied, lived and taught around Spain which has proven useful in supporting students through their Spanish senior years as well as university prep.


LLB Law (City University Hong Kong) Navin has been in private practice as a barrister in Hong Kong for over 10 years, having been admitted to the High Court in 2010. He practices in all areas of civil work and has appeared in all levels of court in Hong Kong up to the Court of Appeal as well as in various specialist boards and tribunals. Alongside his practice, Navin has written various publications for practitioners in the areas of Civil Procedure and Trusts. Currently, he is writing for the volume of Probate for the 2021 edition of Atkin’s Court Forms Hong Kong. Navin has been tutoring students both at the High School level and Undergraduate University Level. Navin has many years experience teaching both Law and English across different curriculums. Apart from mentoring students for internships, Navin is regularly invited to the City University of Hong Kong to act as a guest judge for students on their assessments of various civil applications.


Masters of Education (MEd Maori Education) (Hon), University of Auckland, New Zealand1996) Bachelor of Arts (BA) University of Auckland, Dpt Education Kwa Zulu 1987 Ms. Mogi developed learning support/enhancement strategies for schools in New Zealand Schools, China/Hong Kong and core management strategies for innovative and intervention learning models at faculty and high school level. Shaped and customised English programs and English language across the curriculum with language arts, reader’s theatre, drama with local flavours/social values and blended E-learning platforms. Her teaching experience in HK includes working at ISF Hong Kong as a Primary School teacher, including curriculum delivery of IB Primary Years Program. In addition, she develops sustainable language arts wrap around learning pathways towards learner confidence and self-determination, through the process of collaboration and collective education partnerships with relevant stakeholders, inclusive of government, School Board Members, Universities and parent community.


MPhil International Economic Development (University of Oxford) BAAnthropology & Asian Studies (University of Illinois) Ms. Nurit as received extensive academic awards and scholarships. Editor-in-chief since 2017 of Oxford Document Distillery, an editing house with a sub-speciality in academic Current independent research with academic collaborators at University of São Paulo involves algorithmic bias in machine learning/AI, philosophy, and economics. Three years experience in undergraduate admissions at Wheaton College, MA and 10 years of experience tutoring from primary to graduate school. Ms. Nurit can also help with university admission applications and personal statements.

Ms Jinny

MA Psychology (Stanford University) Jinny has tutored at both our HK and China campuses and has helped students from American, British and Chinese schools in History, Psychology, English and the IELTS course. Furthermore she has assisted students with university applications to enter the IVY league schools.


MA English Literature and Psychology (University of Emory, USA) Sarah started her education career whilst studying English Literature and Psychology at Emory University in the US; she started teaching SATs Reading and Writing with Kaplan, working with students who come from a wide range of socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. Moving to Seoul after graduation, Sarah taught IB and AP Psychology and English Literature, IB/AP History, TOK, as well as all forms of persuasive writing, including college application essays and submissions for international essay competitions. Sarah has 13+ years of education experience with students from all over the world and will definitely be very beneficial to guide you on the pathway to success.