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ALEC’s Mathematics Tutorial Programme for years 11-13 provides more advanced and potentially more specialised mathematics training to our students. Students are exposed to a rigorous system of instruction and study that further enhance their knowledge and skills in Maths. Practical application of the subject is paramount, and the program aims to get students to appreciate how Maths concepts and theories give rise to advances in many fields of work and study. In recognition of the different specialised paths that students taking IB Diplomat Maths or A-Level Maths can choose, the Maths programme is flexible enough to cater specifically to the kind of Maths education the students prefer. In the IB Diploma programme, students have four Maths courses available to them; our programme then responds in kind. There are a number of routes for the A Levels as well, ranging from pure Maths to the introduction of probability and statistics. Students can also opt to study Maths application. Our programme is able to respond effectively to these differences as well. Regardless of which particular branch of Maths knowledge the student wishes to specialise in, we also help them along by guiding them to discover which specialisation fits them the best. Each specialisation is suitable for different kinds of learners with varying abilities and interests. Their choices are also influenced by their career and professional preferences later on. Through the tutor’s mentorship, the programme allows the students to discover more clearly where their skills and interests lie. The Mathematics Tutorial Programme for Years 11-13 can include the following:

  • Pure Mathematics: Concepts and Theories
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Applied Mathematics

Teaching Methodology

Variations in teaching methodology occur depending on the specific Maths course the student is enrolled in. More theoretical courses call for a lot of traditional teaching methods: lectures, problem solving exercises, drills, etc. If the student wishes to engage more in Maths application, then the tutor varies his methods accordingly. He includes the use of examples, projects, etc.



BSc. Economics (University College London) The Director and Founder of ALEC has been teaching at ALEC since inception in 2011. Mash has successfully tutored 100s of students in group classes for Mathematics at IGCSE, IB, A-levels as well as SATS. In addition he helps guides students with the IB Internal Assessments for Maths at both the IB SL and HL levels. Prior working experience included working as an accountant at KPMG - London.

Dr. Caroline

PhD Mathematics (University of Oxford) BA Physics (University of Oxford) Dr. Caroline specializes in teaching Mathematics to primary school students and gifted children. She has been teaching with us at ALEC since 2014 and has successfully helped many students at High School and University Level to gain a better understanding in the applications of advanced physics and statistics.


MSc Medical Laboratory Science (Polytechnic University HK) BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science (University College London) Raj has been an active Science and Math tutor with ALEC since 2013, he has taught over 100 students in this span and assisted students through IGCSE & IB HL. Furthermore, Raj has worked as a Biochemist and Haematologist testing blood samples of various patients clinically. His lab experience has proven to be very beneficial with students understanding Chemistry and Biology.


Bsc. Biochemistry (University College London) Puneet has been teaching at ALEC since 2014, she is extremely patient with students and is always available to engage students through making science interesting for them. She is one of the most popular teachers and has been involved with curating and creating an internal science curriculum.