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The Mandarin Tutoring Programme for Years 11-13 enables students to explore the richness and complexity of Mandarin more in-depth. Whereas in previous years more emphasis was placed on developing functional communication skills, our programme for Years 11-13 takes their Mandarin learning to a much higher level. This includes using Mandarin for business and academic (research) pursuits, as well as understanding in great detail the nuances and figures of speech that make Mandarin a living language filled with colour and diversity. Exploring deeper about Mandarin allows our learners to penetrate even more the broader Mandarin-speaking world, be it in mainland China or in many Chinese communities the world over that constitute the Chinese diaspora. Hand-in-hand with improving their knowledge of the language is the study of many written texts that further enhances their appreciation as well as aptitude in the language. Students are also exposed to many different media that showcase Chinese culture and traditions. ALEC’s Mandarin Tutoring Programme for years 11-13 include the following:

  • Advanced listening skills
  • Advanced reading skills
  • Advanced speaking skills
  • Advanced writing skills
  • Analysis of written text
  • Exposure to Chinese culture and traditions

Teaching Methodology

Our programme has been designed to offer a holistic language learning approach to our learners. Our tutors are exceptionally well-trained and qualified in this regard. They utilise a variety of teaching tools and methods that allow students to learn and practise their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, often concurrently. This makes their learning more effective than traditional approaches. This native-language learning approach makes it easier for the students to imbibe the particular nuances of the language. In keeping with the more rigorous Mandarin instruction for years 11-13, students are also given texts to study and comprehend, made to undergo more writing exercises, and exposed to Chinese culture through audio-visual materials and other forms of media.


Ms. Stella

BA Mandarin (University of Alberta) Stella has over 8 years of Mandarin teaching experience and has been with ALEC for 2 years now. Stella and Anita work very closely together and have a significant amount of resources to assist students learning through textbooks as well as audio/ video files. Stella mainly teaches students from ESF schools on the IGCSE and IB syllabus.

Ms. Anita

University of Co-founder of ALEC. Anita has been tutoring Mandarin to school and adult students in Hong Kong for over 20 years now. Anita’s students tend to score in the upper 5% of the world on the IGCSEs, IB and A-level exams. Each year she has many non-native students achieving over 95% on their respective exams.