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ALEC’s Geography Programme for years 11-13 allows for more specialisation than in previous years. This is in keeping with how the programme is designed after the geography courses used by UK A Levels and the IB Diploma Programme. The programme challenges the students to put their geography knowledge to the test on a number of study options, especially their preferred area of specialisation. These study areas could include such diverse geographical topics like the weather, rocks and weathering, hydrology and the like. Their geography studies also encompass human social groups and dynamics. Students can opt to study populations and how people interact with each other in their respective settlements and communities. Students are also exposed to how the environment affects human societies and how we can better preserve the environment. The students’ “sense of place,” which was the emphasis of years 7-10, is further developed due to the programme’s focus on interrelationships between people, places and the environment. The programme seeks to enable students to develop a sense of responsibility for their place in the world. The Geography programme for years 11-13 includes the following key topics:

  • Relationships between people and the environment
  • Areas of specialisation: erosion and weathering, weather and the atmosphere, hydrology and fluvial geomorphology, population change, etc.
  • Responsible decision-making
  • cultures around the world

Teaching Methodology

Geography is meant to be taught in an exciting and fresh way. We have highly enthusiastic and competent tutors that eschew the cut-and-dried and monotonous approach in favour of a more dynamic and student-centred tutoring experience. They enliven our geography programme by using audio-visual materials, projects, case studies, and facilitating discussions on various geographic issues. These discussions help students reflect on their own “sense of place,” how they impact their environments, and how they can make the world a much better place.