Learn with peers

Semi-Private Tutoring

Small-Group Tutoring offers students the best of both worlds when it comes to learning. Although small-group tutoring involves more than 1 child per session, the tutor is still able to provide the personalized instruction so vital for tutoring success since the group size still remains manageable and is a far cry from the numbers we see in a regular classroom. At the same time, the students benefit from peer-to-peer interactions and the other students’ contributions to the lesson discussion.

What are the advantages of Small-Group Tutoring?

In Small-Group Tutoring the tutor never has more students than he can comfortably handle. Due to the unique dynamics of this approach, students are able to benefit from two main things: a highly personal and customized approach that closely mimics that of private tutoring, and the ability to learn from their interactions with their fellow students.

Who is Small-Group Tutoring for?

Small-group tutoring is ideal for students who thrive in a group setting. If your child copes well in the presence of other students, and can contribute positively to a conducive learning environment for all students, then small-group tutoring could be the way to go.