Hong Kong Diploma Secondary Education (HKDSE), is infamous for being one of the toughest exam boards across all of the exam boards available here in Hong Kong. Here at ALEC, we cater to all students needs and a handful of our teachers including the founder Mash studied the HKDSE at La Salle College.


Here at ALEC, we strongly believe that knowing multiple languages is always an advantage to our students. Not only does it have better job prospects for the students in the future but also it is also scientifically proven to be beneficial for brain development. As Mandarin is in ever growing demand here in Hong Kong […]

IELTS Courses

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an international recognized English test. Over 1.6 million candidates take the test each year to help with university applications, job applications as well as visa applications for immigration and visa permits. The IELTS is accepted by more than 8,000 institutions / organizations in over 135 countries. Is […]

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program in the United States and Canada, created by the College Board, which offers college-level curricula and examinations to high school students. American colleges and universities often grant placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores on the examinations. From the viewpoint of a majority of US universities and colleges, the credits earned through AP’s are equivalent […]

SAT® Courses

The SAT is an entrance exam used by colleges and universities in the United States to make admissions decisions. This is to provide colleges with one common criterion that can be used to compare all applicants. Schools also consider your high school GPA (and grades), academic transcript, letters of recommendation, interviews and personal essays. The […]


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an academically rigorous, internationally used, and specialized English language curriculum which is offered to students to prepare them for International Baccalaureate, A Level. The IGCSE prepares students for further academic study, including progression to A Level and BTEC Level 3 study, Cambridge Pre-U, IB Diploma Programme and other equivalents. It is recognised by academic institutions and employers […]


The UK A-level’s most popular with our students are under the Edexcel board but also include AQA and OCR. These exams have been the standard across international schools in Hong Kong for many decades until 2008. It is a pre-requsite for many candidates entering university in the United Kingdom.



The International Baccalaureate is an upper-school diploma providing students with a holistic education. The curriculum is divided into the core and the six subject groups to ensure a student’s development physically, emotionally and intellectually. At ALEC, we have been teaching the curriculum ever since its conception amongst the ESF schools in Hong Kong. Our head […]