YEAR 11-13


Courses: IBDP, A-Level

The practical application of Science in a variety of fields and disciplines is the catalyst for much of the world’s innovation. This is the turning point that transforms theoretical Science into the development of new technologies. This is what our Science Tutorial Programme for years 11-13 aims to instil in our learners. Building on the theoretical concepts and strong science foundation that they’ve learned in previous years, the programme challenges the students to combine their scientific mastery with creative and novel pursuits. This teaches the students to see science from a very practical lens: how can it be used to create something new? How can science be used to solve the world’s problems?

This experimental and practical approach to Science does not mean that we dispense with the theoretical. Hand-in-hand with this the programme and our tutors continue teaching more advanced concepts as well as re-learning old ones. The more mastery the student feels regarding the subject, the more confident he/she will be in applying what they’ve learned to a particular pursuit.

One particular emphasis of the programme is on the inculcation of scientific values. We want the students to be able to reflect on how science affects the greater world we live in. How can it affect the world for good? And the converse of that – how can it potentially deal harm? How do we avoid that? The programme is not remiss in teaching science with responsibility.

Our Science Programme for years 11-13 include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Reinforcing of scientific concepts and theories
  • Practical application of Science
  • Science and the environment/community

      Teaching Methodology

      Our Biology programme is catered to each individual student. Experienced tutors will lend their knowledge and guide the students using easy step benchmarks into understanding complex ideas. Students can then further explore the subject by actively participating in case studies. It is not limited to rote learning from the textbook. Student’s progress will be tracked with regular assessments and tests.



      BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science UCL UK, MSc Medical Laboratory Science Polytechnic University HK.


      Graduate from Cambridge (Medicine) and Masters from King’s College London.

      Mrs Malik

      Over 10 years teaching experience including over 5 years with ESF. IB Certified for Maths & Chemistry.


      Graduate Bsc. BioChem from UCL. 2 year Private tutoring experience.


      BSc BioMedicine and MSC BioMedicine from Imperial College. Over 2 years of work experience.