Our Philosophy


ALEC has grown tremendously over the years. It now has a team of over 20 committed tutors that specialize in a wide range of subject areas suited for varying student needs; a far cry from Aunty Lavina’s 2 bedroom house when everything first started. In spite of this, ALEC still maintains a consistent approach to all its tutoring services, regardless of subject, grade level, or teacher.

ALEC’s teaching philosophy can be summed up in 3 things: Encouraging Growth, Eliminating Weaknesses, and Providing Holistic Development. These 3 principles are the cornerstone of an ALEC education, and our commitment to and belief in these principles set us apart from all other tutorial centres. By faithfully adhering to these, ALEC believes that we are giving our students the best possible chance to succeed.

Encouraging Growth

We believe wholeheartedly that tutoring is not a mere stop-gap measure that addresses deficiencies and plugs holes in student learning and leaves it at that. We go the extra mile and see to it that our students improve in many other facets of their academic lives.

We are in the business of making students BETTER, full stop. In all our subject areas, we promote this principle by having a complete curriculum per subject that not only focuses on specific problem areas but gives a thorough education and aligns with the regular school curriculum.

Eliminating Weaknesses

We believe that to make students BETTER we have to help them overcome their specific academic limitations. But even more than that, we also have the responsibility to get students to become more confident and to believe that they have what it takes to do better.

Usually struggles in a particular concept or lesson are mere symptoms of an even bigger problem: lack of belief in one’s abilities. We have tutors that help address this by providing a safe, no-judgment environment and by making students active participants in their learning (and not just passive recipients).

Holistic Development

And finally, we believe that tutoring is not just about creating better Maths students, Science students, or English students. Being good in Maths, Science and English all require a basic set of skills, that when put to use, makes students thrive better in an academic setting. We aim to cultivate these interdisciplinary skills and habits so students can excel in all fields and not just the area they enrolled in.