At ALEC, we are committed to offering our students a top-tier Primary School Mathematics programme that has been designed from the ground up to both complement and reinforce their regular school Maths curriculum. We recognise that Maths is an integral component that underpins many facets of modern life – from trade and industry, to science and technology – and both the knowledge of and practical application of Maths can go a long way in equipping our students with the skills needed to succeed in our 21st century society.

Hong Kong students have consistently ranked as one of the best in the world when it comes to Mathematics performance through the years. The regular curriculum’s emphasis on acquiring skills and building aptitude, with a heavy usage of drills and other traditional teaching methods, is also one of the focal points of our programme. This gives our students the winning edge. In addition to this, our programme takes this a few steps further by subscribing to a holistic approach that aims to instil in our students the love for Maths by using innovative teaching methodologies and activities. This ensures that students will continue to view Maths positively and apply it effectively in various situations even after their tutorial sessions end.

Teaching Methodology

We believe that the main obstacle to acquiring Mathematics competence is many students’ pervading belief that they just don’t have what it takes when it comes to Maths. This self-defeatist mind set negatively affects their performance, which then reinforces their belief that they’re not good at Maths, thus perpetuating a vicious cycle. We believe that many of these students can excel at Maths – as long as it is taught in the right way.

Cognizant of this, we have made the Abacus Syllabus the foundation of our Primary School Maths programme. Through the use of an abacus, a centuries-old counting instrument, our students learn how to solve both simple and complex arithmetical problems with ease and speed. Basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be done by simply moving beads on the abacus. This allows the students to form a visual representation of the problem. With time and practice, they can call upon these images without having to use the actual abacus anymore. The goal is to get the students to practice mental Math. By doing so, the students can now feel empowered with Maths now that they realize that their previous difficulties were all in their heads.


Co-Founder and Principal of ALEC. Over 25 years private tutoring to lots of children including children whose parents are teachers in international schools around HK.
Co-Founder of ALEC. BSC. Economics from UCL, been teaching for 5 years.
Dr. Caroline
BA (Hons) and Phd from Oxford University. She was within the top five in maths during her school education. She addresses individual students' needs, abilities and interests in maths in her classes.
Achieved 30/30 points on HKCEE, early admission scheme to HKUST. Worked for the HKSAR Government for 2 years before joining our team.
Mrs Malik
Over 10 years teaching experience including over 5 years with ESF. IB Certified for Maths & Chemistry. Registered Hong Kong Teacher with Houston University.
Graduate Bsc. BioChem from UCL. 2 year Private tutoring experience.
BSc BioMedicine and MSC BioMedicine from Imperial College. Over 2 years of work experience.