With China now being the #2 largest economy in the world, and with Hong Kong SAR occupying a more and more central role in the country’s affairs, the importance of Mandarin is something that can no longer be understated. As the preferred language of business and education in the mainland, as well as in many Chinese communities overseas, many families are now looking to equip their students with the skills to converse in and understand Mandarin and thus connect with this larger community. Knowledge of this language can open up a lot of opportunities for these students in the future.

Although Mandarin usage in Hong Kong is slowly gaining ground, we here at ALEC also acknowledge that Mandarin can be a difficult language to learn, especially for students who are not of Chinese descent. With Hong Kong’s multicultural landscape, these students face many barriers to learning due to their unfamiliarity with the language. We have designed and constructed our Primary School Mandarin programme with this in mind. We believe that Mandarin has to be taught in an effective as well as an engaging way.

Teaching Methodology

Our Primary School Mandarin programme does not limit itself to the usual traditional approaches used when teaching Mandarin. Although these traditional approaches do have some merit, we believe that there are better ways to teaching the language. ALEC utilizes a variety of methodologies in order to teach effectively and get the students motivated to learn more. We do not adhere to the one-size-fits-all approach, and we believe that learners benefit from a multitude of different teaching strategies in order to maximize learning and knowledge retention. Some examples of these strategies include songs, cartoons and games. These activities help make Mandarin more accessible and fun to learn. They also help students remember and apply key language concepts. Through these strategies and the dedication and expertise of our Mandarin tutors, ALEC is convinced that we have the winning combination in creating confident and fluent Mandarin speakers.


Founding teacher at ALEC. Currently tutors over 150 students Mandarin from 2 year olds to adults. Over 15 years private tutoring experience. Graduate from Guangxi University, Nanning.