Due to the place that the English language has in today’s society, as well as ALEC’s reputation as a premier English tutorial centre, Primary School English is a very popular subject area that consistently attracts high demand from students and their families. More and more people recognise that a strong foundation in English is needed in Hong Kong, and many academic as well as professional opportunities open up to the English learner as they gain fluency in the language. As the de facto medium of communication in today’s world, English is indispensable in helping students make sense of the larger world around them and interact with people the world over regardless of ethnicity and culture.

We strive to instruct our primary school students on the proper usage of English. Aside from being able to traverse the oftentimes tricky world of verbs, nouns, and other grammatical constructs, our students are also given numerous opportunities to grow their confidence in the language through a variety of exercises and activities.

Teaching Methodology

Our Primary School English programme is taught in a very natural and organic way. Although we include the occasional worksheet in our teaching regimen in order to teach our students the finer points of the language, we prefer to challenge our students to apply their English skills through creative writing. Creative writing tasks allow them to express themselves in the language and find their “voice.” This helps get them more at ease with English and develops their confidence even more. Our mix of creative writing activities also allow gives them the chance to use English in a many different situations – be it asking for directions, describing a restaurant experience, or even creating their very own fictional story. Unlike the disjointed approach that standard fill-in-the-blank quizzes provide, creative writing tasks allow them to practice all the skills they need in a more natural way. Creative writing also has the added advantage of not only honing their English writing skills but also sharpening their reading, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.


CELTA, Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. Taught for many years in an international school in Malaysia. Now part-time tutoring in HK to primary kids.
Graduate from University of Leeds, 2 years work experience.
Graduate from Stanford University, over 5 years teaching experience in US & HK.
Graduate from Cambridge (Medicine) and Masters from King's College London.