Language development is a key marker that can help predict future academic success. Mastering the English language, especially at such a young age, puts the learner on the right track for advanced learning, since a good number of all subject areas they will encounter will use English as the primary mode of instruction and communication. Kindergarten Phonics Programme is designed to help develop our learners’ reading and writing skills by building on their phonemic awareness. We help our learners to tune in their sensitivity to accurately hearing, identifying and using phonemes, which are the building blocks of words.

Through innovative teaching techniques, we help kindergartners get a good feel for the English language. We help them be able to distinguish between the various phonemes, both in how they sound and how they’re spelled out on paper. By sounding out these phonemes the learners are able to enhance their ability to speak the English language.

A quality phonics programme is all about equipping the learners with the much-needed basic language skills that can surely help them when they go on to formal study. We believe that ALEC’s phonics programme, with its committed tutors and sound approach to teaching phonics, can certainly be beneficial for your child.

Teaching Methodology

Phonics is a highly specialised field that not all tutors are able to teach. Our phonics tutors are highly trained and well-experienced in teaching phonics. They use traditional phonics teaching methods – flash cards, sounding out phonemes, word blocks, etc. – together with other techniques that are not only effective but heighten the child’s confidence. Our tutors make it a point to motivate the children to learn, to compliment them for their good work, and to point out weaknesses quickly and in a constructive manner. We believe the constant encouragement and confidence-building measures that our tutors inject in their teaching is instrumental in getting the children to learn and to want to learn.