Early childhood is the stage in our lives where our minds are most susceptible to learning. This is also the most opportune time for introducing a second (or even third) language to our children. Our minds at this stage act as sponges, absorbing information from left and right, and retaining knowledge much easier than when we’re older. Being introduced to a new language during early childhood also gives our children the ability to develop native language fluency, being able to accurately mimic accents and speech patterns as well as correctly grasp the language’s many nuances. Achieving native language fluency is so much more difficult, and for some people virtually impossible, when they get learn the language at a much later stage.

Our Kindergarten Mandarin Programme gives our young language-learners a much-needed boost in Mandarin proficiency, something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Mandarin is one of the most useful second languages to acquire, due to its growing sphere of influence and number of speakers. Exposing your child to Mandarin at an early age can be a very wise investment for your child. Learning it at this age also makes the language much easier to learn, especially for students coming from families that don’t have a Mandarin background to begin with.

Teaching Methodology

Our Kindergarten Mandarin tutors take great pride in being able to teach the language in a very engaging way. Through the use of songs, books, audio-visual material, and even games, our tutors make sure that the students’ first impression of Mandarin is a positive one. This lays the ground work for a more thorough study of the language. Our tutors make it a point to give quick and positive feedback and encourage simple conversation between them and their students. The tutors also give the students glimpses of Chinese culture and traditions so they can more readily appreciate everything that the language has to offer.


Founding teacher at ALEC. Currently tutors over 150 students Mandarin from 2 year olds to adults. Over 15 years private tutoring experience. Graduate from Guangxi University, Nanning.