Year 7-10


IGCSE, HKDSE, Languages

Many people don’t realise that there are more native Spanish speakers than native English speakers in the world today. Only native Mandarin speakers exceed the approximately 414 million native Spanish speakers worldwide. There are also approximately 20 million students who are taking up Spanish as a foreign language. Although English’s reach might be more encompassing, Spanish is also a very influential language. Learning Spanish opens up doors in Spain and in Latin America, which is a positive thing especially since some Latin American countries are now becoming more and more prominent economically. Knowledge of the language can also be a first step to learning other Romance languages such as Italian and French, if the learner so desires.

Our Spanish programme for Years 7-10 emphasises functional communication. We want our students to be able to be confident enough to use Spanish not just in the classroom but in non-academic settings as well: marketplaces, train stations, in parties, in business dealings, among others. We help reinforce the use of the Spanish language both orally and in written form so students can feel comfortable in the language no matter how it is being used.

Our Spanish programme for Years 7-10 focuses on the following core areas:

  • Listening skills
  • Reading skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Writing skills

Teaching Methodology

We try to teach Spanish in its most natural way possible: through the use of conversation, whether with the tutor and student, or among students in a group. The tutor engages the student to speak the language in this way. Although we also utilise drills and other traditionally-used written and spoken exercises, the majority of the time for each session is spent in conversation. This allows the students to imbibe the language quicker, enables them to understand and mimic the Spanish accent and way of speaking naturally, and gets them to learn more about how to the language is used in practical settings.


Master in Physiotherapy. Currently teaches part-time at ESF, over 5 years work experience.