Year 7-10



Feats of science and engineering, innovations in architecture and design, as well as breakthroughs in business and economics all rely on the application of mathematical concepts. It then goes without saying that understanding the Maths involved can very well be the first step in understanding how much of our world works. ALEC’s Maths Tutorial Programme for years 7-10 thus reinforces this by approaching the study of Maths as an essential life skill that our students have to possess. Our programme begins by first getting the students to appreciate Maths. By clearing away any prevailing notion of self-doubt, or any lingering unease with the subject, we consider it our mission to get our students to view Maths in a positive light. We further develop this by building their confidence through the proper use of tried-and-tested as well as our own original Mathematics activities. Our tutors are also well-trained and able to explain even the most difficult Maths concept in a way that enables most students to understand them easily enough. We strive to get our students to see Maths for what it really is: relationships and patterns between numbers, and that they’re all interconnected by some underlying logic.

Our programme is designed to encourage and equip our learners to see how Maths and mathematical thought underpin a lot of different, seemingly disparate fields, especially in today’s world. Aptitude in Maths can help students get the edge when it comes to future success.

Our Maths curriculum includes coverage of the following:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Discrete Mathematics

Teaching Methodology

Our approach to teaching Maths is heavily influenced by the IB MYP Maths curriculum as well as the IGSCE Mathematics programme. Like the IGSCE, we advocate building the students’ confidence in Maths and fostering their ability to solve different mathematical problems. Our tutors use a wide array of techniques and activities in order to build on these two areas, such as through drills and exercises, problem solving, and one-on-one mentoring for students who are getting stuck on a particular concept. Our tutors also challenge the students to view Maths in connection with other disciplines, something that the MYP promotes.


Co-Founder and Principal of ALEC. Over 25 years private tutoring to lots of children including children whose parents are teachers in international schools around HK.
Co-Founder of ALEC. BSC. Economics from UCL, been teaching for 5 years.
Achieved 30/30 points on HKCEE, early admission scheme to HKUST. Worked for the HKSAR Government for 2 years before joining our team.
Worked at Ogilvy for 1 year before joining our team teaching primary and secondary school students Mathematics.
Mrs Malik
Over 10 years teaching experience including over 5 years with ESF. IB Certified for Maths & Chemistry. Registered Hong Kong Teacher with Houston University.
Graduate Bsc. BioChem from UCL. 2 year Private tutoring experience.
BSc BioMedicine and MSC BioMedicine from Imperial College. Over 2 years of work experience.