Year 7-10


IGCSE, HKDSE, Languages

The goal of our Mandarin programme for Years 7-10 is to equip our students with the right language knowledge and skills so they can use the language for practical communication. We believe that Mandarin is an important language to know, especially with the rising prominence of China in today’s world stage. All indicators point to China’s influence rising even more in the years to come, thus increasing Mandarin’s importance even more. Being able to functionally communicate and express ideas in the language allows our students to foster relationships, both personal and professional, with native Mandarin speakers; this opens up a good number of opportunities for them moving forward.

In addition to this, we also want the students to grow in their appreciation for the language. It is difficult to persevere in learning any language if the student does not view it favourably. To reinforce this belief, we also make it a point that in our classes we highlight Chinese culture in a positive light. This in turn makes it easier for our students to open up to learning the language and interacting with native Mandarin speakers.

Our Mandarin programme for Years 7-10 covers the following:

  • Listening skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Speaking Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Introduction to Chinese culture

Teaching Methodology

Our programme is designed to give the students a well-rounded approach in learning Mandarin. The students are given a lot of activities that emphasise either listening, reading, speaking or writing. There is also a lot of back-and-forth between tutor and student to get them to “think on their feet” and practise spontaneous conversation. We believe that this brand of language learning is more effective than traditional methods. By mimicking how language is natively learned, students can more quickly gain mastery over the language, discern and mimic differences in accent and intonation, and learn how words are used in context.


Founding teacher at ALEC. Currently tutors over 150 students Mandarin from 2 year olds to adults. Over 15 years private tutoring experience. Graduate from Guangxi University, Nanning.