Year 7-10



The objective of ALEC’s Geography Programme is to develop in the students a “sense of place,” which is an understanding about different environments and communities and how they fit in. ALEC’s Geography Programme for Years 7-10 can help students develop this sense of place by helping them perceive the world from a local all the way to a global scale. We encourage the students to analyse various geographical information and communicate concepts and ideas learned in a number of formats. Students gain an appreciation for how natural and man-made environments come to be, what sustains them, and how they relate with other environments.

The study of geography also includes studying various human communities and cultures, from the past all the way to the present. Through their study in geography the students are able to process information regarding how people relate with each other within their local community, with other communities, and with the physical environment as well.

The Geography Programme for Years 7-10 includes the following key topics:

  • Natural and man-made environments
  • Processes that affect environments
  • How people interact with their environment
  • Different communities and cultures around the world

Teaching Methodology

Geography is taught as a living course. It isn’t meant to be mere static data and scraps of information found in a dusty, old textbook. Geography is a collection of narratives that tell a wonderful tapestry of stories that collectively make up the story of the world. Geography is meant to come alive! As such our tutors are tasked with making geography fun, meaningful and relevant through their vibrant lessons, use of audio-visual materials, and other such engaging and student-centric methodologies. The students are also taught to look at things in a much deeper light: processing connections, inferring meaning, looking at causes and effects, etc. to ensure that their geographical insight does not remain solely on the surface.


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