Year 7-10


IGCSE, HKDSE, Languages

When it comes to language for business use, only Mandarin and English top French in terms of influence and relevance. There are 75 million native French speakers, and up to 190 million more speak it as a second language. French speakers are also spread out all over the world; they can hail from Europe to the Americas, Africa and Asia. So there’s a good chance that you can use your French-speaking skills just about anywhere in the world! Learning the language can also be the doorway to learning more romance languages in the future such as Spanish or Portuguese.

ALEC’s French programme for Years 7-10 is geared towards preparing students to actually use the language in real-world settings. This ensures that what they learn remains relevant even after the tutorial sessions have ended. We want to equip our students with French language knowledge as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our goal is for them to be confident and able communicators, be it in the written word or in casual, as well as business, conversation.

Our French programme includes the following key features:

  • Speaking skills
  • Listening skills
  • Reading skills
  • Writing Skills

Teaching Methodology

French is taught by our tutors the way it is meant to be taught: in actual conversation. This speeds up the learning process and actually ensures that learning is sustained and covers a number of skill areas all at once. Conversing in the language can also provide much-needed confidence to the students, especially in the early stages of learning French. We believe that a language course that only focuses on drills and other disjointed activities fail to provide an appropriately stimulating environment for fostering natural language development. By engaging the students in conversation, and by providing quick feedback on what they’re doing correctly or wrongly, the students can progress in their language learning fairly quickly.


Native French Speaker, with over 2 years private tutoring experience.