Year 7-10


IGCSE, HKDSE, Languages

ALEC’s English Tutorial Programme for Years 7-10 builds on the foundational knowledge of English learned in the primary years in order to help learners become effective and competent communicators in the English language. We offer an English tutorial programme that is not just meant to reinforce their English classes in school but also provide English language support that is relevant once they step outside the classroom. Our programme has been designed to equip the learners with functional language training so they can properly use the language for what it’s primarily meant for: a tool for communication. We enhance their aptitude for communication by working on the learners’ writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. It is important for us that the students increase their confidence in using the language, no matter what the situation. We believe exposure to English in all its forms is essential in developing mastery and to get the students to take responsibility for their learning.

Our programme also supports our learners in their literature studies. With the expert guidance of our committed and experienced English tutors, students are tasked with reading, understanding and analysing various assigned texts. We conform our tutorials to the readings assigned by their respective schools. We challenge the learners not just to view these works of literature at a literal level, but to go deeper and discover its specific nuances and hidden meanings. Through these exercises we hope that our students will grow to appreciate the English language in all its beautiful complexity.

Our English programme includes the following content areas, adapted to years 7-10:

  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Composition
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Literature Study

Teaching Methodology

Since most of our students come with IB MYP or IGSCE backgrounds, we have customised our programme and our teaching methodology to complement how these students are being taught in their respective schools. The MYP curriculum stresses learning that emphasises five areas of interaction and we reinforce and use this approach in our classes as well. We also draw from IGSCE’s strong literature component and structured approach by providing clear rubrics, robust assessment criteria. Through our quizzes and exercises, we help prepare our students to take and pass the IGSCE exams with flying colours.


Graduate from University of Leeds, 2 years work experience.
Graduate from Stanford University, over 5 years teaching experience in US & HK.
Graduate from Cambridge (Medicine) and Masters from King's College London.