Year 7-10



The study of economics is primarily concerned with how we allocate and manage our finite resources, especially in the face of seemingly unlimited human wants/needs. How do we correctly manage the resources that have been entrusted to us? How do we make more of these resources? To get the students to appreciate these questions, we first begin by teaching the students the basics of economics. Our economics programme for Years 7-10 is comprehensive enough to cover both the micro and the macro component or the discipline. On the micro side, students are guided to enable them to process economic information in households, as well as in their own actions and decisions done as economic agents themselves. On the macro scale, students are exposed to how economics shape government policy, how to measure economic activity per country, as well as how to make sense of the economic relationships engendered in both developed and developing nations.

The programme also aims to expose the students to various economic theories and their respective proponents. The students learn about how economic thought has been shaped through the centuries, and how they’re being used to interpret current phenomena as well as influencing them. At the end of the programme the students are challenged to be able to more responsible decision-makers with their own resources, both as consumers and potential producers or value-builders in the future.

The Economics programme for Years 7-10 focuses on the following:

  • Different economic terms and principles
  • Introduction to basic economic theory
  • Economic theories and theorists
  • Economic interrelationships among nations
  • Basic economic analysis

Teaching Methodology

Our tutors are tasked with not just providing data but also by demonstrating to the students the relationships and the meaning behind each strand of data. Tutors facilitate discussions among students, ask open-ended questions, and provide lots of examples and case studies to get the students to see exactly how economics is being used in the world today.


BBA (Accounting & Finance) Hons from HKU, Over a year work experience at ALEC and 10 years of private tutoring experience.