Year 7-10

Business Studies


Business Studies is an important area of learning that helps prepare students for when they leave the safe confines of the academic environment and step forward and engage the world as businessmen and professionals. Business studies helps give students a leg up when it comes to examining how various businesses actually work, how decision-making in the context of businesses is done, and what the various factors are that affect business organisations positively as well as negatively.

Our Business Studies Programme for Years 7-10 aims to equip students with the right mind set for understanding just how businesses work. Students are exposed to the rudiments of business finance and how it’s structured. The programme also stresses how businesses affect the larger community, which in turn demands that students be able to critically examine whether specific businesses do in fact cause more harm than good. In light of this, we heavily stress the teaching of business ethics so that we can form students that are not only business-minded but also feel a responsibility for contributing real value to their respective communities.

Our Business Studies Programme for Years 7-10 covers the following:

  • Business activity in different sectors
  • Major types of business organisations
  • Introduction to business finance
  • Introduction to business operations
  • Business decision-making
  • Businesses and their communities
  • Business ethics

Teaching Methodology

Business Studies is a course that cannot be taught merely by following a textbook. As a dynamic course, business studies is heavily dependent on context. Our tutors make use of a variety of teaching techniques, chief of which is the use of actual examples and case studies. Students will get to study and learn from what various companies and business entities went through, process their experiences, learn from their mistakes, analyse their strengths, etc. This then leads to vibrant discussions and debates, which in turn further facilitate learning.


BBA (Accounting & Finance) Hons from HKU, Over a year work experience at ALEC and 10 years of private tutoring experience.