Year 11-13


IBDP, A-Level, Languages

Our Spanish Tutorial Programme for Years 11-13 caps off our Spanish language programme by taking the students’ knowledge, skills and confidence in taking the language to a whole new level. Given Spanish’s growing popularity and importance in the world stage, and how it is used in various academic and professional settings, we enable students to be able to participate in the global Spanish community by building on their communication skills and training them to use the language in a number of different settings. These settings include places of business and in the academe (for research purposes).

Students are also exposed to a broad array of Spanish-language sources such as newspapers, TV shows and movies to get them to experience listening to and interacting in Spanish as a native speaker would. This enhances their appreciation for the language as well as gets them to practise using it in a variety of ways. Students are also given samples of Spanish literature and other texts to dissect and study. This increases their reading comprehension and ability to make sense of the language on a more visceral level. Students are also given a number of writing exercises to practise their written Spanish.

Our Spanish programme for Years 11-13 focuses on the following core areas:

  • Advanced Listening skills
  • Advanced Reading skills
  • Advanced Speaking skills
  • Advanced Writing skills
  • Analysis of written text
  • Exposure to the Spanish language in various media

Teaching Methodology

We build on the natural-language approach used in previous years in how we teach Spanish for years 11-13. We enhance the back-and-forth conversation and discussion facilitated by our tutor. The programme also calls for the use of different Spanish-language material: audio-visual material, written text, Spanish literature, etc. to give the students more exposure in the language. This in turn increases their confidence and appreciation in using the language.


Master in Physiotherapy. Currently teaches part-time at ESF, over 5 years work experience.