Year 11-13


IBDP, A-Level

We go deeper in studying psychology in our Psychology Tutorial Programme for years 11-13. Whereas our programme for years 7-11 focused more on the development of psychological thought through the years, our programme now builds on all the lessons learned and examines concepts and theories on a much more specialised level. The focus is now on in-depth analysis, evaluation, and synthesising various approaches and perspectives. Through this we aim for students to be able to deepen their understanding and appreciation of psychology and how it affects the world around us.

Our students are challenged to review and study the latest research on psychology to give themselves a better insight into how our understanding of human psychology has evolved. Students tackle issues and concepts found in the different core branches of psychology – cognitive, social, developmental, etc. – both separately and in conjunction with each other. Through the programme’s emphasis on how all these theories ultimately seek to understand human thought and behaviour, the students are given the chance to understand themselves better and appreciate differences in how people all over the world think and behave.

Our Psychology Programme for years 11-13 covers the following key areas, depending on the student’s Year/Level:

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Psychology of Individual Differences
  • Educational Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology

Teaching Methodology

Our tutors subscribe to a student-centred approach in teaching psychology. They engage the learners to view psychology as something that is relevant to their own life experiences. Tutors use a variety of methods meant to engage students to view psychology in a positive light: through interactive lectures, discussions, audio-visual material, etc. Tutors also make it a point to link psychological theories and concepts with real-world situations, and melding concepts from different psychological branches in order to arrive at a profound synthesis of ideas and reflections.


Graduate from Stanford University, over 5 years teaching experience in US & HK.