Year 11-13


IBDP, A-Level

ALEC’s Economics Tutorial Programme for Years 11-13 challenges the students to expand their knowledge of economics and its various applications. Through the analysis of different economic issues, students are given completely new perspectives on the subject. They are also trained to evaluate and assess economic information and organize their thoughts and communicate them clearly and precisely. By examining how economic thought shapes individual as well as societal behaviour, students are more able to tackle the various complexities found when dealing with scarcity, resource allocation and how we satisfy our own wants and needs.

Students are taught to approach economics scientifically. As a social science, economics comes with its own methods of research and study, and students are tasked with becoming adept at the quantitative and qualitative elements found therein. The study of economics in the micro as well as the macro scale are also further refined. The lessons they learn are then applied to real-world scenarios, thus giving the students the ability to view economics as relevant for their own day-to-day lives.

And lastly, we emphasise that our use of economic theories in our communities come with a measure of responsibility. We explore the ethical dimensions that open up due to our management of resources and how we allocate them. Students are then able to form their own value judgments that they can take with them well after our tutorial sessions have finished.

The Economics programme for Years 11-13 focuses on the following:

  • Scarcity and resource allocation
  • Satisfaction of wants/needs
  • Microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts and theories
  • Application of economic thought to real-world situations
  • Ethics in economic decision-making

Teaching Methodology

Through open-ended discussions, case studies, and opportunities for reflection and debate, our tutors are able to motivate the students to dig deeper in their study of economics. Our students impress upon them the relevance of this subject area and show them how economic principles permeate even their own lives.


BBA (Accounting & Finance) Hons from HKU, Over a year work experience at ALEC and 10 years of private tutoring experience.