Year 11-13

Business Studies

IBDP, A-Level

Our Business Studies Programme for years 11-13 is based on the IB Diploma Programme’s Business Management course as well as UK A Levels Business Studies. The programme is designed to teach students invaluable business management theories and concepts, which in turn are not learned in isolation but as preparation for application in a variety of business settings. Students are also exposed to a variety of business activities and business organisations on different levels: local, national and international.

The different components found in business organisations are also examined and tackled in-depth. These include resource management, finance, marketing and management. Issues related to these components and how they relate with each other are also studied. The effects of various businesses to their environments, and their ramifications to business ethics, are also discussed. These include the numerous economic, environmental, governmental and social points of impact that businesses can have. We want our students to not only pass their business studies course in school, but to take what they’ve learned and use them well as soon as they enter professional and business life.

Our Business Studies Programme for Years 11-13 covers the following:

  • business activity in different sectors
  • major types of business organisations
  • Business concepts and theories
  • business components such as finance, marketing, operations, resource management
  • business decision-making
  • businesses and their communities
  • business ethics

Teaching Methodology

Our programme advocates a dynamic approach to business studies, and coverage in class is not merely constrained to textbooks and rigid syllabi. Our tutors have a good deal of experience in the business world, and their own learnings come to bear when they teach their students. Their insights on how businesses work provide a lot of potential talking points for active debates and discussions. We also have case studies and examples that students can further explore.


BBA (Accounting & Finance) Hons from HKU, Over a year work experience at ALEC and 10 years of private tutoring experience.