China Expansion

Shunde Campus

Centrally located in Daliang, Shunde, ALEC was established by summer 2014.

Here at ALEC, we offer students a chance to enhance their English level skills. As an alternative to learning basic English, from reading, writing and speaking, ALEC also provides for those intending to study abroad to overseas countries.

ALEC caters to each individuals needs and provides a wide range of options. ALEC specialises in academic tuition for students following standardised test preparations and educational planning and consultation services. Over the years, we have helped countless students prepare for entrance to schools and universities. Our track record of student acceptances by the world’s top academic institutions is undeniable.

We have a wealth of experience in preparing students for internationally-recognized examinations including the SAT® , TOEFL, IELTS, Common Entrance Test, and more. We also offer English courses for the general public. These include general English writing and public speaking.

Our courses have a maximum of six students per class to encourage teacher-student interaction and full student engagement. Individual lessons with one-on-one tuition are also available as well as private group lessons. Individual and private group lessons are customized to address students’ particular needs and concerns.

In addition, ALEC provides a wide range of educational consultation services. Our highly experienced educational consultants have proven experience in worldwide school and university recommendation, application and registration, as well as general educational consultation.

Choosing a good school or university is one of the most important decisions that parents and students have to make. With our proven success in helping students reach their goals, ALEC is the established choice for all your educational needs.